Dear Parents,
Welcome to Community Preparatory School. We are committed to working closely with prospective students and their families to make the process of joining our community as friendly and straight-forward as possible. We consider observations, transcripts, teacher recommendations, personal contact and school visits in the admission process. Our financial aid program ensures that money is never an obstacle to a student attending the school.
As you learn more about Community Prep, you will discover that our school is unique in providing an independent-school education to a public-school student body. We pride ourselves on both the caring diversity of our community and the high academic standards our students achieve.
All of the application forms you need to apply to Community Prep are available through this web site, and you are welcome to email me with questions or to request printed admission materials. You can also call us at 401-521-9696 to request materials and arrange a tour of the school.
On behalf of the entire school community, we look forward to meeting you and sharing our enthusiasm for Community Prep.


Kiwe Husband
Director of Admissions and Student Activities