At Community Preparatory School, we empower our diverse student body to reach full academic and leadership potential while building a Beloved Community.


Community Preparatory School serves culturally and economically diverse students who are well qualified to benefit from a rigorous academic education in an atmosphere of mutual respect. By engaging with all facets of our students--intellectual curiosity, joyful learning, awareness of their own strengths, the rewards and satisfaction of determination, and a deep connection to our community and the larger world, we prepare our students to thrive in the most competitive high schools and to become community leaders.

Community Preparatory School challenges students to become confident, independent learners and develops a strong sense of public service through community service and stewardship. We engages parents, students and teachers in goal-setting and planning that ensures academic and social success for each student.

The school is committed to sharing its vision, programs, and resources with the local neighborhood and the broader community.