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Inclusion at CP

At Community Preparatory School, "inclusion" is an umbrella term that includes race, gender, ethnicity, culture, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, social/economic class, physical and learning differences, and religion, as well as other characteristics that contribute to each individual's full identity. Our goal is to nurture and sustain an environment in which all- students, alumni, families, faculty, staff, trustees, volunteers and visitors- are recognized and valued both as members of the school community and as irreplaceable individuals.
The ideal that guides us is Martin Luther King, Jr.'s vision of the "Beloved Community": widely different groups of people bound together with love and respect, working toward a just society and understanding that our differences are our strength. In pursuit of this goal, we are committed to moving from mere tolerance to active work against discrimination within our community and in the world. We will help students to become leaders in the fight against intolerance and teach them to work toward a just and equitable society. We understand that achieving our goal requires dedication and perseverance. We ask everyone in our community to commit themselves to this goal.