Creative Arts

The overarching goal of the school's creative arts program (music/dance, visual art) is to help students develop the ability to use skills, media, tools and processes to express themselves in one or more of the creative arts.

The concepts and skills that are applicable to each of the arts are taught through an integrated approach with the classroom subjects. For example, if the students are studying Ancient India in social studies class, in music/dance class they learn the music/dance concepts and acquire music/dance skills through the elements of Indian music and dance. In art class visual works are created. These are examples of the types of experiences Community Prep provides for students. These experiences give students the opportunity to make cross-curricular connections and express themselves creatively in ways they might not have otherwise considered.

The entire student body also participates in the “School Show”, an original stage production collaboratively created by students and creative arts teacher Janine A. Lee. First a theme is chosen, then each class creates a segment that connects to the theme as a whole. The 2013 school show Phat Moves THE NEW GENERATION involved students performing snychronized dance/movement using rhythmic gymnastic, play and cultural objects. These included playground balls, juggling clubs, jump ropes, ribbon streamers, parachutes, sticks, poles and hula hoops.

The 2012 school show -- Art Is In The Eye of The Beholder was a visual arts show that featured interactive art exhibits. Students were expected to take their art show guests on a tour of Art Is In The Eye of The Beholder and complete the required interactive activities (with their guests) included in the program book. Community guests were invited to go on self-guided tours and also complete the activities included in the program book. As a stage production or visual art showcase, this annual event allows our students to take their creativity to a higher level and brings the entire community together. It is a highlight of the school year.