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Academic Resources

For students
Here are some links you may find useful!
IXL You'll need your assigned username and password.
Google Classroom You'll need your Google username and password.
TeacherEase You'll need your login information to access your grades.
Specific questions? You can always email your teachers, following this format: first initial and last name
For parents
CP uses TeacherEase to track and relay your child's homework scores and overall grades. You can log in at any time to check your child's progress. TeacherEase is also used for school-wide or one-on-one communications. If you need to set up a TeacherEase account, please contact Ms. Lee.
Accelerated Reader is the program CP uses to track your child's independent reading. Independent reading is a percentage of your child's overall Language Arts grade. Each student has an individualized point goal determined by their reading level (higher level = higher goal) with a daily reading requirement of 30 minutes per night. Want to see your child's progress? Ask them to log in to their AR accounts, click on Accelerated Reader, and select the tab labeled "progress."