Shakespeare in the City

Shakespeare in the City is a long-standing tradition at Community Prep.  This extra-curricular activity brings together students from more than 20 schools--each of whom performs a small portion of a play.  Othello, this year's selection, was a huge hit! 
CP participated in the 10th year of Shakespeare in the City, producing Act III, Scene 4, "Before the Castle," where Othello challenges Desdemona to produce the handkerchief he gave as a gift to her. She is unable to do so, deepening Othello’s suspicions and cementing Desdemona’s doom.

Our cast was led by director Jaileen Vargas Garcia, a three-year player in SitC. Jaileen also played one of our Desdemonas. Eighth graders Niya Plynton, Nia Husband, Jaychele Schenck, Noah Saltzman, James Ninneman and Tyler Gomes were joined by 7th graders Raye Osayimwese-Sisson and Cristian Rodriguez Morel. It was a great performance, and several CP alums Destiny (La Salle Academy) and Dante (Providence Country Day) were in the performance with their current high schools. 

Cristian said that it was incredibly fun.  "I got to work with kids from many different schools and be on the huge stage at the Vets.  Learning to act was awesome, and I definitely want to do it again next year."