Health and Wellness in Fifth Grade

"Our class is known for its cool hands-on activities," says Zora in grade five.  She was talking about recent field trips they took for a behind-the-scenes visit to Stop & Shop and to Raffa Yoga for an AntiGravity Yoga class, as well as many daily activities that are part of fifth grade.
These most recent trips form part of a healthy living unit that included learning about better dietary habits, new ways to exercise, thinking about self-esteem, and ultimately moving on to helping students develop skills in making friends and resolving conflicts.
"We learned about how to balance carbohydrates and fats and how to eat the right amounts of fruits and vegetables," explains Masiah. "It's important to treat your body better.  You can eat cookies sometimes but not every day."
"I really liked the AntiGravity yoga because you are hanging off the ground," added Zora. "It was also amazing to learn about the amount of calories and sugar in foods that we eat, like cheeseburgers.  It's a little too bad, though, because I really like burgers."
Their teacher, Amy Rojek, described the unit.  "It's all part of giving the students positive ways to think about their health and self-esteem. They wrote essays about what was best about them and things they are good at.  As the spring goes on, we'll be talking about how to be a good friend, how to make friends and work together to solve interpersonal conflicts.  These are all important skills students need going into the middle school years and part of what we think about every day at school."