Team-building activities in Advisory Period

Some recent activities from Advisory periods:

Crossing the River

Your team is out adventuring and low and behold they come across a river flowing with lava! Fortunately the universe has provided them with a means to cross the river although it is far from simple. By the edge of the river there is a pile of stepping stones. The team can tread safely on these stones and thus cross the lava. The catch is that they react to pressure so if a team puts one down in the river without pressure on it then it will float away. The stones must have some kind of contact with a team member at all times to keep them in place. This game appears really simple, so teams are often tempted to rush into it and before they know it some of their stones have been washed away and they have group members all over the place - clear communication is key!

Cross the River

Human Knot

Have your group stand in a tight circle, shoulder to shoulder with everyone facing in. Then have everyone reach in and take someone else's hand in each of theirs. Once everyone has hold of someone else's hand then the aim of the game is for the group to untangle the knot they have created. This is done by twisting, turning, wriggling, steeping over/under - really all kinds of actions will be used just as long as they never let go of the hand they are holding. Not as easy as it would seem!

Human Knot

"We failed to untangle the knot in 7G," said 7th Grade Teacher Cauley Greene, "but it was a great advisory this morning!"