Which is Sweeter? A) A Love of Reading, B) $1,000, or C) Cupcakes on a Friday Afternoon? (Answer: All of the above.)

 Community Preparatory School recently celebrated 100% completion in the Read-to-Succeed program—the only school to boast total participation in the state. Each and every CP student in grades 4 through 8 read at least six books over the summer, earning $1,000 for college, while keeping their minds alert and building a lifelong love of reading.


The kids were awarded certificates, medals and cupcakes in an afternoon celebration on Friday, October 27th. Because each class had 100% participation, there was a $50 Amazon gift card winner at each grade level. In addition, the whole school will receive an ice cream party in the spring.


Edith enjoyed A Fault in Our Stars, one of the most popular contemporary young-adult novels for middle-school students. “It was so suspenseful and dramatic. You couldn’t stop at any point, because there was always something to make you keep reading. It was amazing. I really loved that book.”


Anaya, another 7th-grader, most enjoyed Fahrenheit 451. “I like books that take place in the future,” she said. “It made the point that books matter, and if we get too involved in technology, we’ll be brainwashed.”


By encouraging the crucial activity of summer reading, Read to Succeed helps students to keep from falling behind in their quest for learning. The program is offered free-of-charge to all participants.


Each CP student received a backpack with six books of their choice from a list of 30 books at the start of the summer. They passed six reading tests and were rewarded with a $1,000 account in the Rhode Island CollegeBoundfund® — Rhode Island’s college savings program.


Participants are eligible to enroll for five consecutive summers, adding $1,000 each year to their scholarship account, for a total of $5,000 before they enter high school. This investment, with compounding growth, provides a strong financial opportunity toward achieving students’ college goals.


Principal Anita Bench has been a part of the program since the beginning. “Community Prep’s very first Read to Succeed class headed off to college this fall, and they are now tapping into their CollegeBound Saver accounts. To date, CP students have earned over $400,000 toward their college educations. We are so grateful to be a part of the program and sincerely thank Barbara Papitto, David Guertin, and all the amazing people at Read to Succeed.”