Nature's Classroom

Students participated in classes like Zombie Apocalypse (to learn about germs), took nature walks, explored the marsh, learned to build a fire, and even dissected a pig!
Community Prep 6th-graders took walks in the wild, painted and got to know each other over three days and two nights. Nature’s Classroom literally uses the outdoors to teach students about food waste, environmental challenges and cooperative learning.
6th-grader Jaelynn said she’ll never forget the food, but that the whole trip was memorable. “It was fun going to the dock and catching comb jellies and crabs.”
That outside time is key, according to Francisco Velasquez of the 6th-grade team. “It gives some of our students a chance to experience nature for the first time. A lot of them don’t go camping—for some of them it’s the first time they’ve been by the ocean or in the woods.”
The 6th grade is doubled to two classes of 36 kids—18 returning CP students and 18 from other schools, and Velasquez says the trip is about bonding, too. “With group-building activities it gives the new kids and the kids who have been with CP a chance to bond outside the classroom."
And about that pig dissection… “It was fun!” says Jae’Lise, who is new to CP this fall. "It was also gross and shocking. But overall it was really interesting. And one of the other things I’ll never forget about our trip was ‘Soccer Digestion,’ where we put Oreos, Tic-Tacs and root beer in a bag inside a soccer ball, then played a game with it to see how digestion works. When we drank it at halftime it tasted like really sweet chocolate.”
Check out our CP Instagram and Twitter for some great photos from their trip! (Don't panic! There are no dissection pictures!)