Remembering John Carter, Jr.

Dear Friend of Community Prep,

I am writing about the death of a good friend to Community Prep, John Carter, Jr. He and Letitia, his wife, were extremely generous to the school over the last two decades.  I thought it appropriate to inform you and tell you a little about how their generosity has helped Community Prep to propel itself into the future, and to offer our sincere condolences to Letitia.

As background, Letitia and John were first introduced to the school through an informational reception at the home of Peter and Daphne Farago in Little Compton in 1994.  Letitia then visited in the fall, eventually volunteered in one of our classrooms, and joined our board of trustees.  In 2004 she became the Chair of the Board of Trustees.  She did a wonderful job of partnering with Hannah Goldberg, her Vice-Chair, to lead the Board as the school had just expanded to serving 150 students in grades three through eight. 

Letitia was very intuitive in her leadership and drew well from Hannah’s years as a college provost.  As a team they made sure that the school kept to its mission and made plans to ensure its future. 


One very important piece of that future was building a Founders Society, a group of people who would leave Community Prep in their wills to ensure the long-term survival of the school.  It was begun in 1995 by Win Wilson.  Under Letitia’s leadership it increased in size by 150% -- up to 52 people by 2008.  Today, 75 people are in the Founders Society.

ribbon cutting

In 2014 John and Letitia met with me to tell me that they were excited about Community Prep’s plans to expand its campus and work with Amos House to begin a charter school, serving students in kindergarten through fifth grade.  They were so excited that they decided to give their bequest while they were still living!  Their $5M gift was used to expand our endowment and provided the first $1M for our campus expansion project. 

students at smartboard

It was one of my deep pleasures in life to see the excitement on their faces as they watched the school move forward with its plans.  I will forever be grateful that Letitia and John made certain that Community Prep would have a solid financial base as it moves forward into the future.  Much of our $24M endowment came through their foresight and leadership.


Dan Corley
Head of School